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ic3D Architectural Modelling and Rendering
Sketch models are ideal for quickly
and effectively illustrating perphery
detail, site layout and terrrian
These are accurate scale models
ranging from individual buildings to entire
site developments, providing a valuable
insight  into the  relationships between
buildings and structures.
Still images provide an accurate and effective communication medium which is easliy accesible to a wide audience. Depending on your situation and specific
project requirements, varying levels of detail can be implemented to achieve maximum clarity and impact.
Photo-realistic renders provide a very effective
and powerful  communication medium for
illustrating developments prior to construction.
This is an Invaluable tool to aid with presentations,
marketing and planning decisions.
Indicative Form and Massing.
Scale Models.
High Quality Renders.
ic3D - Portfolio - Indicative Layouts
ic3D - Portfolio - Scale Models [1]
ic3D - Portfolio - High Quality Renders